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Grocery Girls Delivery Van - ImageGrocery delivery services are gaining in popularity among savvy vacationers hoping to add a little convenience to their travel plans.  As more and more guests discover the benefits of rental properties offering fully equipped kitchens; a trip to the grocery store is now a necessary part of arrival day activities.

Instead of dealing with weather and traffic in an unfamiliar resort town, why not arrive to a fully stocked kitchen?  Grocery delivery services like The Grocery Girls will do your shopping and then coordinate with your hotel, property manager, or property owner to deliver your order.  You’ll walk in to find all of your groceries neatly arranged in the refrigerator and pantry – Now that’s service!

We recently sat down with The Grocery Girls, Park City Utah’s largest grocery delivery service.

Local Tourist – The name “Grocery Girls” is perfect, how did you come up with that?

Grocery Girls – We wanted a name that was memorable, yet also conveys the service we offer.  When people hear our name, they understand we offer grocery delivery right away.

LT – How long have you been in business?

GG – The Grocery Girls have been offering grocery delivery services since 2006.

LT – Where do you offer delivery service?

GG – We deliver anywhere in Park City Utah, including Deer Valley Resort and The Canyons.  New this year we are expanding to Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Our expanded service will offer grocery delivery to guests staying near Brighton, Solitude, Snowbird, and Alta.

LT – What do you think sets you apart from other grocery delivery services?

GG – Well, we think there are quite a few things.  Where should we start?

LT – Can you just give us your top three?

GG – We think our top three differentiating factors are Trust, Partnerships, and Delivery Equipment.

LT – Please expand on those topics.

GG – We mentioned “Trust” as one of our most important advantages.  A significant part of our business is gaining access to rental properties to complete deliveries…. before our customers arrive.   As we have grown over the years, we have become well known in the Park City area.  Since we work with more hotels, property managers, and private owners than any other company we hardly ever run into issues with gaining access.

“Partnerships” are also important to our business.  We are the exclusive delivery partner of Fresh Market stores (formerly Albertsons).  Our relationship allows for preferential treatment such as our own check-out lines, help locating out of stock items, and shopping assistance which is critical on busy days when we may be handling anywhere from 50 to 75 deliveries.  In addition, we have arrangements with many of Park City’s property management companies, allowing us to communicate behind the scenes to ensure a smooth delivery process.

LT – You also mentioned “Delivery Equipment”, tell us about that.

GG – Oh sure.  We operate 4×4 delivery vans which allow us to handle a large order volume, even on the snowiest days.  If you can only fit one or two orders in a delivery vehicle, you aren’t working as efficiently as possible.  We’ve actually heard about one company in town where the guy delivers with a motorcycle.  We don’t want to take anything away from what they are doing, but how is that even possible?

LT – What if someone wants their order shopped at a different store like Whole Foods?

GG – We will certainly accommodate those requests; however, we find that most people are simply unaware of the large selection of organic and specialty items available at Fresh Market.  Fresh Market carries most of the products available at Whole Foods and for a lower price.

LT – Tell us a funny delivery story.

GG – Wow, thanks for putting us on the spot.  I don’t know if delivering groceries is all that funny, but here goes… At the beginning of last ski season we had a delivery to a beautiful mansion in The Colony, which is an exclusive ski-in ski-out community at The Canyons Resort.  When we arrived at the residence there was a team of construction workers working on the home.  They had table saws in the foyer, building supplies stacked everywhere, and at least 12 cars in the driveway that belonged to the construction crew.  It looked as though they had another two weeks before they finished trimming out the home.  The boss of the crew inquired why we were delivering groceries.  When we told him they were for the guests arriving in about an hour, his face blanched white.  He immediately jumped on his cell phone and began speaking with someone.  From what we could piece together, the home’s owner rented out the property but didn’t tell the builder.  The crew started frantically cleaning up the construction debris and then we saw beds and mattresses being carried by to furnish the bedrooms.  Cups, plates, glasses, and flatware were quickly unpacked in the kitchen.   Carpets were unrolled to cover floors, paintings were hung, and on and on.  You would really be amazed at how much can be accomplished when an entire crew is working at panic speed!  We spoke with our guest later in the week and they ended up staying at the property.  Anyway, that has to be the most eventful delivery we have had in the last five years. 

LT – Good story, I’m glad we asked.

LT – How can people get in touch with you?

GG – Just visit our website at  – We have representatives standing by seven days a week to answer questions, and we can accept online orders 24 hours a day.

Grocery Girls, LLC
2100 Park Avenue
Park City, Utah 84068
Toll Free: 866-278-2254

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